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Connecting to Dana Hall WiFi on an iOS Device

This will walk you through the process to connect with an iOS device to the WiFi network on campus using your Google Apps account .

Open Settings


Tap settings from the home screen of your iPad.

Navigate to Wi-Fi menu


(1) Tap Wi-Fi on the left side to bring up the list of available networks on the right side
(2) Tap “DHS Campus Wireless”

Login using Google Apps account


After selecting the “DHS Campus Wireless” network you will see a pop-up window asking for a username and passwword.
Enter your Google Apps username and password, which is the same login for GMail.

Accept the Certificate


Tap Accept when you see the certificate pop-up.



If you see (1) the WiFi symbol on the top left corner and (2) “DHS Campus Wireless” listed on the top of the network list then you have connected to the network! Success!

Click here for instructions on how to connect with a Mac

Schoology Gradebook Improvements

Tomorrow Schoology will be releasing many new and welcome updates to the gradebook. Some of the new features include:

  • New options for grade column sorting
  • A new and improved design for the gradebook panel
  • More visible incomplete and exemption labels
  • Completely new view menu
  • Shortcut to view individual student submissions

Read Schoology’s blogpost for more information and screenshots that show examples of some of the changes.

Schoology was also kind enough to prepare a detailed step-by-step guide explaining how to work with many of these new features. There’s also more screenshots that provide a good idea of what the new gradebook will look like.

Departing Faculty Technology Checklist

When leaving Dana Hall there are a few key things that you will need to do to return your equipment and get copies of your data.

  1. Copy any data and documents that you need to keep to either a personal external hard drive or cloud storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  2. Use “Google Takeout” to get all information from Dana Hall Google Account
  3. Disable ‘Find My iPad’
  4. Technology to Return:
      • iPad
      • iPad wall plug
      • iPad charging cable
      • iPad case
      • Apple Pencil (if applicable)
      • MacBook Pro
      • MacBook Pro charger
      • External hard drive w/cable

Recommended Browsers

The goal of this guide is to provide a list of supported or recommended browsers for specific websites or web applications. Often times there will be a website that only works with Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • Lifesize Cloud
    • Mac OS X – Only works with Google Chrome
    • Windows – Internet Explorer (10.0+) or Google Chrome
  • Schoology
    • Mac OS X – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox
    • Windows  – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (10.0+), Firefox
  • Gmail
    • Mac OS X – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox
    • Windows – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (10.0+), Firefox
  • Google Apps
    • Mac OS X – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox
    • Windows – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (10.0+), Firefox