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Back Up Notability to Google Drive

This guide will walk you through the process of configuring your Google account to allow Notability to keep a backup of all your notes on Google Drive.

Locate the Notability settings


Tap log in next to Google Drive


Enter your e-mail and password


Tap Accept


Notability has to ask for permission to access information on your Google Account. This is an important step to make sure that you can properly back up all of your Notatbility notes. After you tap Accept you will be returned the the Manage Accounts page in the Notability settings.

Configure Google Drive Settings


(1) Select Auto-Backup
(2) Tap on the gear icon next to Google Drive

Configure Google Drive Settings (cont.)


With Google Drive backup you can configure a few different settings, but most people typically use the default settings.
(1) The default Destination Folder is /Notability/. Notability will create a folder called Notability in your Google Drive, but you may change this to any folder you’d like.
(2) Notability will backup in a variety of files formats, but PDF is the recommended if you want to be able to view the notes in other Apps.
(3) You can choose to backup all of your subjects or pick specific ones only.

Ordering Apps From

This guide will walk teachers and students through the process of ordering Apple Apps from

Dana Hall Homepage


(1) Open Google Chrome and navigate to!
(2) Clicks “Parents” in the upper right corner of the Dana Hall School homepage.

Books and Merchandise


From the “Parents” page click on (1) Books and Merchandise, then have students (2) choose the appropriate link to
Middle School students and Upper School students have separate logins for


After choosing the appropriate link for either Upper School or Middle School:
(1) Enter Student First Name, Last Name, and e-mail address ( Click Add.
(2) Select “Division”. In this dropdown menu you will see either Upper School or Middle School
(3) Under “Department” make sure to select “Apple APPS”
(3) The only course option listed should be “APPLE APPS”

Select the Apps


For each application that is needed change the quantity from “0” to “1”

Shopping Cart


(1) Check to make sure all necessary apps are in the shopping cart.
(2) Click Check Out

Checkout Login/Signup


(1) Enter the e-mail address that will be used to receive the order.
(2) Click next

**Students that have previously created a account will select “I am a returning customer”**

Billing/Shipping Info


(1) Enter billing information *
(2) Enter shipping information *
**These will both use 45 Dana Road, Wellesley, MA 02482**
(3) Enter financial aid code. This will be “firstname.lastname”
(4) Click next

Confirm Order


After all apps have been selected and shipping/billing information entered you will then see the order confirmation page
Click “Next” and an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address entered in the previous steps.