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Removing large files from your Hard Drive

About This Mac

(1) Click on the Apple Menu

(2) Select “About This Mac”

(3) Click the “Storage” tab

Storage Manager

(1) Find the Computer’s drive in the list, and click “Manage”

(2) From the Storage Manager , select “Documents”

(3) You can sort by “Large Files”, “Downloads” of “File Browser”.

If you select File Browser, you can see files on your computer listed by size, and you can drag unwanted files directly to the trash from this window.

Dana Connect to Google Calendar

Dana Connect

Open DanaConnect, and click on the (1)”Calendar” section.

From the Calendar section, click on the (2) “Feeds” icon.

Copy Feed

(1) Under “School Calendars” Click “Individual Filter Feeds” to expand the list.

(2) Right-click or Control-Click the blue calendar feed name you would like to add to your Google Calendar.

(3) From the Context Menu that appears, select “Copy Link Location”.Calendar

Google Calendar

Jump over to Google Calendar

(1) Click the little down arrow next to “Other calendars”

(2) From the menu that appears, select “Add by URL”

Add by URL

In the URL filed, Ctrl-V (Windows) or Command V (Mac) the calendar link you just copied.

Click “Add Calendar”

Rename Calendar

Not quite done yet! Calendar has been added, but it is named with a long URL link. Lets fix that.

(1) Click the little down-arrow next to the newly added calendar.

(2) From the menu, select “Calendar settings”

Rename Calendar

(1) Select the entire contents of the “Calendar Name:” field, and replace with the actual name of the calendar.

(2) Click “Save” and you are done!

To add additional calendars, simply repeat the process, copying the link from DanaConnect and pasting in to “Other Calendars” in Google Calendar.

Departing Faculty Technology Checklist

When leaving Dana Hall there are a few key things that you will need to do to return your equipment and get copies of your data.

  1. Copy any data and documents that you need to keep to either a personal external hard drive or cloud storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  2. Use “Google Takeout” to get all information from Dana Hall Google Account
  3. Disable ‘Find My iPad’
  4. Technology to Return:
      • iPad
      • iPad wall plug
      • iPad charging cable
      • iPad case
      • Apple Pencil (if applicable)
      • MacBook Pro
      • MacBook Pro charger
      • External hard drive w/cable

End of Year Faculty Tech Videos

Export Your Schoology Gradebook

Music: Batty MacFaddin-Slower by Kevin MacLeod –

Copy Course Materials to Resources

Music: Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod –

Copy Schoology Course

Music: Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod –

Back Up and Clear Out Notability

Music: Local Forecast-Slower by Kevin MacLeod –


Extra Resources:

Using Google Takeout – Helpful for students and teachers leaving Dana Hall

Gatekeeper on OSX

What is Gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper helps protect your Mac from apps that could adversely affect it.

Some apps downloaded and installed from the Internet could adversely affect your Mac. Apps downloaded from the Apple App Store and Identified Developers are automatically permitted to run. Other apps that you can verify that were obtained form a legitimate source can be manually verified to run. Once you verify an application, it will be permitted to run every time.

Gatekeeper Deny

If an application is not from the Apple App Store, or an Apple identified developer, you will see this dialog when the application attempts to run.



Allow an App

You can explicitly allow an application to run. Please be sure you know where you obtained this application, and that it was from a legitimate source. Also please be conscious of weither this application is necessary for your Dana workstation.

Hold the “control” key on your keyboard, then click on the Application’s icon.

You will be presented with a contextual menu with several options.

Select “Open”.


Confirm App

After selecting “Open”, you will be presented with a dialog that will allow you to confirm this application to run.

This dialog will confirm the name of the application, and what application downloaded it and when.

If you are sure you would like to run this application, click “Open”.


Additional Information

Additional information about Gatekeeper can be found on Apple’s support website at: