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Connecting to Dana Hall WiFi on an iOS Device

This will walk you through the process to connect with an iOS device to the WiFi network on campus using your Google Apps account .

Open Settings


Tap settings from the home screen of your iPad.

Navigate to Wi-Fi menu


(1) Tap Wi-Fi on the left side to bring up the list of available networks on the right side
(2) Tap “DHS Campus Wireless”

Login using Google Apps account


After selecting the “DHS Campus Wireless” network you will see a pop-up window asking for a username and passwword.
Enter your Google Apps username and password, which is the same login for GMail.

Accept the Certificate


Tap Accept when you see the certificate pop-up.



If you see (1) the WiFi symbol on the top left corner and (2) “DHS Campus Wireless” listed on the top of the network list then you have connected to the network! Success!

Click here for instructions on how to connect with a Mac

MyPassword Management

Set up your reset questions and change your password via the Dana Hall MyPassword site. This system will allow you to change your password at any time, or reset your password if you have forgotten it. This system will not change or reset your FirstClass password.


(1) Open any web browser and navigate to “”.
(2) Click “Edit my Profile” to establish your security questions.


Enter your existing Dana Hall username and password for your account, then click submit.


Set up your three security questions and answers.
Click “Update”.


When back at the main selection screen:
Select “Change my Password”.


Enter your current username and password and click Submit.


Tell the system to auto-generate a password for you, or
Manually enter and confirm a password of your choice.
You cannot re-enter your existing password. If you do, you will be presented with an error “Exception from HRESULT…”
Click “Change Password”.

Default Mail Handler

Change how “mailto” links are handled in the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers.

How to set your “mailto” email link handling in Firefox and Google Chrome.



In Firefox: (1) Click on the “Firefox” application menu.
(2) Select “Preferences…”




Log in to your Dana GMail account.
(1) Click on the “handler” icon (double-diamond) in the right or the URL address bar.


In the resulting popup:
(1) Select “Use Dana Hall School Mail”
(2) Click “Done”.

Connecting to Dana Hall WiFi on a Mac

This will walk you through how to connect to Dana Hall WiFi on your Mac using your Google Apps account.

Choose a WiFi Network


(1) Click on the WiFi menu bar icon in the upper right corner of your screen
(2) Select “DHS Campus WiFi”, which will bring up a login window asking for a username and password

Login Using Google Apps Account


(1) Make sure “Mode” is set to “Automatic”
(2) Enter your Google Apps username and password
(3) Make sure that “Remember this network” is checked off so that you will stay connected next time you use your Mac on campus
(4) Click join

Verify Certificate


After you’ve joined the network click “Continue” on the “Verify Certificate” pop-up, which allows your computer to store your password.
Give your computer a moment to finishing connecting.

Confirm Connection


Look again at the WiFi menu bar icon in the upper right corner of the screen and it should be filled in black.


If you click on the WiFi icon should see that “DHS Campus Wireless” has a check mark next to it.
This means you’ve successfully connected to the on campus wireless network!

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