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MyPassword Management

Set up your reset questions and change your password via the Dana Hall MyPassword site. This system will allow you to change your password at any time, or reset your password if you have forgotten it. This system will not change or reset your FirstClass password.


(1) Open any web browser and navigate to “mypassword.danahall.org”.
(2) Click “Edit my Profile” to establish your security questions.


Enter your existing Dana Hall username and password for your account, then click submit.


Set up your three security questions and answers.
Click “Update”.


When back at the main selection screen:
Select “Change my Password”.


Enter your current username and password and click Submit.


Tell the system to auto-generate a password for you, or
Manually enter and confirm a password of your choice.
You cannot re-enter your existing password. If you do, you will be presented with an error “Exception from HRESULT…”
Click “Change Password”.