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Dana Lab Workstation Login

danauser Lab and Cart workstation access

Dana Hall is changing the way the general use Apple workstations in the Labs and Carts are configured. This will improve overall stability for everyday tasks. We are moving to a single user model for everyday access, with specific “projectuser” accounts to be set up for ongoing student projects that require storage of files on the workstation. Students will still be required to save to the Student’s file server instead of the local Desktop or Documents folders.

Log in


Log in as either “danauser” or “projectuser”
“danauser” has no password
“projectuser” password would be issued to you by your teacher

Connect to shares


Connect to “Student_Homes” or “Student_Groups” via the shortcuts in the Dock.

Connect to shares


When prompted, enter YOUR personal Username and Password, then click “Connect”.

Access shared volumes


The Server volumes will mount to your Desktop for easy access.

Access your personal data.


Access your files by opening the “Homes” share, then find your User folder from the list. You can then see your individual Desktop, Documents, Movies, etc.
Do not save files to the Desktop folder of the workstation, as they will be deleted permanently when the next user logs in.
If you need to save a file and the “Homes” share is not available, save to the “Documents” folder on the workstation and contact the Tech Department immediately.

**TIP** When browsing the list of student usernames, type the first few letters of your username and the selection will jump to your name.

Log out to end your session


When you are finished with your session on this computer, select “Log Out danauser…” from the Apple Menu.

Creating Contact Groups with Gmail

Navigate to Gmail


(1) Navigate to or and make sure you are logged in with your Gmail account.
(2) Click “Mail”
(3) Then click “Contacts” from the dropdown menu

Contact Manager


(1) “Starred” is a default group that every Gmail user will see
(2) “Most Contacted” will list people that you e-mail most frequently. “Other Contacts” will list everyone that you have e-mailed.
(3) “Directory” is the most important one! This is where you can find the e-mail address of anyone with an account.
(4) “New Group” will allow you to create customized contact groups for the different on-campus teams/groups you may be a part of.

Create a New Group


(1) Click on “New Group…” in order to make your first group or add another one if you already have some created!
(2) After clicking “New Group…” you will see a pop-up in the center of the screen. Name the group anything you’d like to.

Add Contacts to Group (Method #1 – Select From List)


(1) Click “Directory” on the left side navigation bar
(2) Select the contacts from the list that you’d like to add to your new group
(3) Click the silhouette icon above the Directory list and select the name of your new group.

You have now created a contact group that can be used as a mailing list.

Below is a second method for adding contacts to your group.

Add Contacts to Group (Method #2 – Add Individually)


(1) Search for the name of the contact that you would like to add. This will list people from “My Contacts”, “Most Contacted”, Other Contacts” and “Directory”
(2) Click on the silhouette again and select the group that you would like to add this contact to.

This method allows you to add one contact at a time instead of adding multiple at one time.

Send an E-mail to your Group


Compose a new e-mail and in the “To:” field start to type the name of your group and it should allow you to then quickly e-mail a group of contacts.

Connecting to Dana Hall WiFi on a Mac

This will walk you through how to connect to Dana Hall WiFi on your Mac using your Google Apps account.

Choose a WiFi Network


(1) Click on the WiFi menu bar icon in the upper right corner of your screen
(2) Select “DHS Campus WiFi”, which will bring up a login window asking for a username and password

Login Using Google Apps Account


(1) Make sure “Mode” is set to “Automatic”
(2) Enter your Google Apps username and password
(3) Make sure that “Remember this network” is checked off so that you will stay connected next time you use your Mac on campus
(4) Click join

Verify Certificate


After you’ve joined the network click “Continue” on the “Verify Certificate” pop-up, which allows your computer to store your password.
Give your computer a moment to finishing connecting.

Confirm Connection


Look again at the WiFi menu bar icon in the upper right corner of the screen and it should be filled in black.


If you click on the WiFi icon should see that “DHS Campus Wireless” has a check mark next to it.
This means you’ve successfully connected to the on campus wireless network!

Click here for instructions on how to connect with an iOS device

Alfred’s EMT


Log in as “Danauser” on any lab machine.
Click on the “Groups” server shortcut in the Dock.


Log in with your student username and password.
Click “Connect”.


Select the “EMT” volume from the list of available shares.
Click “OK”.


Double-clik the “Essentials of Music” from within the “Alfred Music Publishing” folder.


(1) After the program loads, select your user name from the drop-down list.
(2) Use the password provided to you by your teacher.
(3) Click “Log In”