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A few guidelines to help you navigate Mathtype:

Change the default font size in MathType

  • Open Mathtype application,
  • From the menu at the top, navigate to Size -> Define:
  • (1) Set “Full” 24 or whatever size works best for you.
  • Mathtype and MS Word define font size differently. You will notice the equation expand and then shrink when you close the equation editor.

Change Font Size cont…

Alternatively, you can double-click the text for font size (1) at the bottom of the MathType window to bring up the same options.

Creating Equations:

  • Use the Mathtype “Ribbon” from within word (1).
  • Press the “Inline” button to create an equation (2).
  • Enter equation and close the window the Mathtype window. The equation will be injected into the document.
  • Copying the equation out of Mathtype window and pasting into word creates an object. Objects are not editable in the future.

If the equation contains fractions:

After creating an equation, from within the Word application:

(Command+D), click the  “Advanced” tab

Position needs to be “lowered” by 11pt (1)

Reason: Word is aligning the equation to top character of the fraction (2).

Editing Equations

  • Double click the equation or Right Click (or Control-Click) –> Edit to reopen the equation in the Mathtype editor.
  • Check the font size in Mathtype
    • Look to the bottom of the MathType window and change if necessary.
    • Menu: “Size” –>”Define”

Editing Equations without fractions:

Once edited, the equations default to Lowered “7pt”

Change this to to Lowered “3pt” (1)

Editing Equations with fractions:

Once edited, the equations default to Lowered “21pt”

Change this back to Lowered “11pt” (1)

Connecting to Dana Hall WiFi on an iOS Device

This will walk you through the process to connect with an iOS device to the WiFi network on campus using your Google Apps account .

Open Settings


Tap settings from the home screen of your iPad.

Navigate to Wi-Fi menu


(1) Tap Wi-Fi on the left side to bring up the list of available networks on the right side
(2) Tap “DHS Campus Wireless”

Login using Google Apps account


After selecting the “DHS Campus Wireless” network you will see a pop-up window asking for a username and passwword.
Enter your Google Apps username and password, which is the same login for GMail.

Accept the Certificate


Tap Accept when you see the certificate pop-up.



If you see (1) the WiFi symbol on the top left corner and (2) “DHS Campus Wireless” listed on the top of the network list then you have connected to the network! Success!

Click here for instructions on how to connect with a Mac

Schoology Gradebook Improvements

Tomorrow Schoology will be releasing many new and welcome updates to the gradebook. Some of the new features include:

  • New options for grade column sorting
  • A new and improved design for the gradebook panel
  • More visible incomplete and exemption labels
  • Completely new view menu
  • Shortcut to view individual student submissions

Read Schoology’s blogpost for more information and screenshots that show examples of some of the changes.

Schoology was also kind enough to prepare a detailed step-by-step guide explaining how to work with many of these new features. There’s also more screenshots that provide a good idea of what the new gradebook will look like.

Saving copies of your Google Data

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When you wish to migrate your data away from Dana Hall’s Google services you can utilize a service called “Google Takeout”. Takeout delivers your data in a format that you will be able to use either in a personal Google account, or many other services that provide import options for these common formats.

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