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How to log in to the Zoom App on your Computer or MacBook.

Click the link to download the Zoom app –

When you open Zoom for the first time you will be prompted to sign in. Please choose “Sign In with Google”.

A new browser window will open. Select or enter your Dana Hall email account.

You will then be prompted to open the Zoom app.

You are now ready to use the Zoom app on your Computer or MacBook. You can click on your account by selecting the top right icon.

Securing Meetings with Zoom

Privacy and security are a top priority in the world today and securing our virtual classrooms should not be treated differently.

Zoom is great where it allows several options to keep your meetings secure and safe so only the people we want in our meetings can join. After you schedule a meeting, you can go into the meeting and edit the security settings.

They have options for passwords, different Meeting ID formats and to have no one allowed in the zoom chat until you, the host, joins first.

Please password protect your meetings by enabling these settings below:

For Zoom’s official security page click here

Explain Everything Whiteboard

For a limited time Dana Hall will have access to Explain Everything Whiteboard (free in the App Store). Although it is a different app then Explain Everything EDU ($13.99), it has the same tools you are familiar with. We will have cloud storage of up to 250GB shared. This ends April 12th but this date could change.

Explain Everything Whiteboard app is highlighted in yellow

First download the Explain Everything Whiteboard app from the App Store and then log in with your Dana Hall account:

Signing into Zoom for the first time on the iPad

When you first open the Zoom app you will need to select “Sign In”

Choose “Google” as your sign in method

A Google Accounts message should appear. If you see your account you may choose it, if not you can select “Use another Account” and add your Dana Hall account there.

You new Zoom account will now try to merge with Dana Halls Subscription for Zoom. Simple tap “View Detail”

  1. Select “Join the Account”
  2. Select “Continue”

You are all set and ready to use Zoom!