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Scan multi-page PDFs to email

Options Select

1) Select Fax/Scan as you normally would for scan to email feature.

2) From the selection options, click “Separate Scan” to turn the feature “On”.

Scan pages

Place your scans on the scanner, and press 1) “Start” as you normally would.

Put your next page on the scanner and hit “Start” to continue.

When you have scanned your last page, tap 2) “Finish”.

Send email

After pressing 1) Finish, press the 2) “Start” button to send the email.

All pages will arrive in your email as one PDF.

A few guidelines to help you navigate Mathtype:

Change the default font size in MathType

  • Open Mathtype application,
  • From the menu at the top, navigate to Size -> Define:
  • (1) Set “Full” 24 or whatever size works best for you.
  • Mathtype and MS Word define font size differently. You will notice the equation expand and then shrink when you close the equation editor.

Change Font Size cont…

Alternatively, you can double-click the text for font size (1) at the bottom of the MathType window to bring up the same options.

Creating Equations:

  • Use the Mathtype “Ribbon” from within word (1).
  • Press the “Inline” button to create an equation (2).
  • Enter equation and close the window the Mathtype window. The equation will be injected into the document.
  • Copying the equation out of Mathtype window and pasting into word creates an object. Objects are not editable in the future.

If the equation contains fractions:

After creating an equation, from within the Word application:

(Command+D), click the  “Advanced” tab

Position needs to be “lowered” by 11pt (1)

Reason: Word is aligning the equation to top character of the fraction (2).

Editing Equations

  • Double click the equation or Right Click (or Control-Click) –> Edit to reopen the equation in the Mathtype editor.
  • Check the font size in Mathtype
    • Look to the bottom of the MathType window and change if necessary.
    • Menu: “Size” –>”Define”

Editing Equations without fractions:

Once edited, the equations default to Lowered “7pt”

Change this to to Lowered “3pt” (1)

Editing Equations with fractions:

Once edited, the equations default to Lowered “21pt”

Change this back to Lowered “11pt” (1)

WiFi – Forgetting a network (DHS Guest WiFi)

If you are having trouble with connecting to the School’s DHS Guest WiFi network, following the steps below. These will guide you through the process of removing the saved network from your device. After your device no longer has that saved wifi network, you may connect again using the updated DHS Guest WiFi passcode.

If you need the DHS Guest Wifi passcode, please login to your DanaConnect account. On the Resources page, you’ll find an icon with the current academic year’s guest wifi passcode. This passcode is changed annually.

Tap Settings > Wifi > Select the info symbol  > Tap “Forget This Network”


Changing your Apple ID

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Step 3 of 3 – You are here

If your Apple ID is your Dana Hall Google Apps email address, you will need to change your Apple ID to a personal email address. 


  • If you are not re-enrolling at Dana Hall, you must do this step before your Dana Hall Accounts expires.
  • Changing your Apple ID address may take up to 24 hours to update on all of your Apple devices. If you need help with your Apple ID, you can visit

Sign into your Apple account by going here:




Update your Mac to the latest OS release

Please follow these steps to update your system:

1. TimeMachine backup: Locate your drive. Connect it. Run a backup.
(need help? check out this guide: )

2. Pick a time to install. This process will take 20 – 60 minutes. This can be done at the end of the day before you leave (as long as you cover step 4!) or over lunch break. PLEASE do not run this update right before class / a meeting where you will need your workstation.

3. Go to Managed Software Center and run the update “Install OSX High Sierra”
(need help? check out this guide: )

4. Don’t walk away! When your system restarts you will need to log back in to your encrypted workstation to kick off the final install.

5. Get coffee, lunch, read a good book (part of one, anyway) while your system updates. Usually the process will take 20 minutes, but a nice, full hard drive can take up to an hour.

5. Log back in and run any remaining updates in Managed Software Center.

If you run into ANY trouble with these steps, please do not hesitate to email or swing by the technology office, and we would be happy to guide you.

You can also contact us at to arrange a time to have your computer completely re-imaged. This can help you to get a “fresh start” with your computer, and usually results in a smoother-running system. Please send an email to to schedule a time.

Removing large files from your Hard Drive

About This Mac

(1) Click on the Apple Menu

(2) Select “About This Mac”

(3) Click the “Storage” tab

Storage Manager

(1) Find the Computer’s drive in the list, and click “Manage”

(2) From the Storage Manager , select “Documents”

(3) You can sort by “Large Files”, “Downloads” of “File Browser”.

If you select File Browser, you can see files on your computer listed by size, and you can drag unwanted files directly to the trash from this window.

Dana Connect to Google Calendar

Dana Connect

Open DanaConnect, and click on the (1)”Calendar” section.

From the Calendar section, click on the (2) “Feeds” icon.

Copy Feed

(1) Under “School Calendars” Click “Individual Filter Feeds” to expand the list.

(2) Right-click or Control-Click the blue calendar feed name you would like to add to your Google Calendar.

(3) From the Context Menu that appears, select “Copy Link Location”.Calendar

Google Calendar

Jump over to Google Calendar

(1) Click the little down arrow next to “Other calendars”

(2) From the menu that appears, select “Add by URL”

Add by URL

In the URL filed, Ctrl-V (Windows) or Command V (Mac) the calendar link you just copied.

Click “Add Calendar”

Rename Calendar

Not quite done yet! Calendar has been added, but it is named with a long URL link. Lets fix that.

(1) Click the little down-arrow next to the newly added calendar.

(2) From the menu, select “Calendar settings”

Rename Calendar

(1) Select the entire contents of the “Calendar Name:” field, and replace with the actual name of the calendar.

(2) Click “Save” and you are done!

To add additional calendars, simply repeat the process, copying the link from DanaConnect and pasting in to “Other Calendars” in Google Calendar.