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Troubleshooting Notability iCloud Issues

iOS Only, for macOS users click here

It is important that you remain on the same network while your notes download. If the connection is interrupted the process may start over. 

Issue – Notes re-download from iCloud whenever I open the app.

1. This usually means that your iPad or iPhone is low on storage space, so iOS doesn’t have enough room to keep your notes downloaded. (The amount of storage space in your iCloud account does not affect this behavior.) Freeing up space should let iOS keep your notes in place. Please do not delete notes from iCloud directly, as that will permanently delete the notes from iCloud and Notability on all of your devices. 

Check your iPad storage in settings: Settings > General > iPad Storage

2. If that doesn’t solve your issue try this step – In this step, you may see your notes disappear and then reappear with the same loading cloud on all notes. However, this should be a final download and should stop the notes from downloading every time you open the app. 

Reconfigure iCloud Syncing in Notability.

  1. In Notability, tap Settings > iCloud > iCloud Syncing > Toggle off. 
  2. In Settings, tap Your Name > iCloud > scroll down to Notability > Toggle off. 
  3. Restart device
  4. In Notability, tap Settings > iCloud > iCloud Syncing > Toggle on.
  5. In Settings, tap Your Name > iCloud > scroll down to Notability > Toggle on. 

If you need help with any of the steps above or this issue persists, please contact the helpdesk!

Screen Time Parent Controls

iPad Parent Education Night:

Slides from Parent Night Presentation (Google Slides link)

Video from Parent Night Presentation (YouTube Video)

iOS and iPad management:

iOS 12 – “Screen Time” and parental controls – Dana Presentation:

Apple’s overview of Screen Time:

Apple’s overview of Content & Privacy Restrictions:

Back Up Notability to Google Drive iOS

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This guide will walk you through the process of configuring your Google account to allow Notability to keep a backup of all your notes on Google Drive.

Locate the Notability settings


Tap log in next to Google Drive


Enter your e-mail and password


Tap Accept


Notability has to ask for permission to access information on your Google Account. This is an important step to make sure that you can properly back up all of your Notatbility notes. After you tap Accept you will be returned the the Manage Accounts page in the Notability settings.

Configure Google Drive Settings


(1) Select Auto-Backup
(2) Tap on the gear icon next to Google Drive

Configure Google Drive Settings (cont.)


With Google Drive backup you can configure a few different settings, but most people typically use the default settings.
(1) The default Destination Folder is /Notability/. Notability will create a folder called Notability in your Google Drive, but you may change this to any folder you’d like.
(2) Notability will backup in a variety of files formats, but PDF is the recommended if you want to be able to view the notes in other Apps.
(3) You can choose to backup all of your subjects or pick specific ones only.

WiFi Certificate Update for DHS Campus Wireless

We have configured a new trusted certificate for the school’s secure wifi network, DHS Campus Wireless. Beginning Tuesday, April 30th at 10am, all devices connected to this secure network will automatically attempt to trust the new certificate. You will be prompted to “trust” the updated certificate.

After the network is trusted by your device, the connection will automatically be restored.

iOS device (iPhone or iPad)

Select Trust in the top right corner.

Apple Computer

Select Show Certificate

Select Continue

Chrome and Android devices

Select Continue or Save

How to Log out and Erase iPad / iPhone

*This will erase all data on your iOS device, please make sure to have a backup of your data.

  1. First, log out by selecting Settings from the home screen

2.  Select your name from the left menu (or top menu for iPhone)

3. Scroll down and select sign out

4. You will need to enter your Apple ID Password and select Turn Off

5. Next, to erase your device select General from the Settings Menu (scroll down for iPhone)

6. Scroll down to select Reset

7. Select Erase All Content and Settings

8. Select Finish Uploading Then Erase if you still need to back up or Erase now to proceed.

9. You will need to enter your iPad’s homescreen passcode to confirm the erase.

10. Select Erase.

Your iOS device will start to erase and return to factory settings.