Redeeming Your Dana Hall Apps

This guide will go through the process to redeem your Dana Hall Apps.



Locate the email with the subject ‘IMPORTANT Directions on How to Redeem your Dana Hall Apps’

To redeem your Dana Hall Core Apps you will need to locate the email from ‘Dana Apps Admin’ This email contains a list of app redemption codes and a list of links to download free apps. When clicking on any of the links it should open in

Redeeming your app codes

1) Check that there is a code in the redeem field

2) Tap ‘Redeem’ to start the download

Wait while the app downloads

At this step you should see a screen similar to the one below that shows the progress of your app download.

If you get an error that the code was redeemed already please email with the name of the app and the code that is not working for you.

Locate your new app!

After the app completes download press the home button on your iPad to return to your home screen and you can find the app on one of the home screens.