Departing Students Guide

The guide below will provide instructions on how to take your Google Apps data with you. This includes the GMail, Calendar, Drive, and Contacts.

Additionally, any student files stored on the Student Groups, Multimedia, Photoserver, or Student file servers will be removed this summer.


You can use “Google Takeout” to archive and download a copy of all of your Dana Google data to a personal storage device.

Music: Call to Adventure Kevin MacLeod (

 Google Takeout instructions – (text based guide)

File Servers:

Files stored on Student Groups, Student Users, Multimedia or Photo Server volumes will need to be manually copied to a personal storage device (external hard drive or flash drive) before leaving campus.

Files stored on Dana Lab “Projectuser” accounts also need to be saved to a personal storage device before leaving campus.  The computer labs will have their workstations erased over the summer.