DiLL Teacher Software install

Use “Managed Software Update” to install the DiLL Student and Teacher software.
Access your files on the DiLL file server.


Open a new Finder window, then Select (1) Applications, (2) Utilities, then (3) Managed Software Update.
Double-click Managed Software Update to acivate it.


In the top section (1) you will see a list of software to be installed up updated.
Below that, you should see a button called (2) “Optional software…” click that.


(1) Check BOTH the “DiLL Client 1.6.9” and “DiLL_Teacher_Software” install items.
(2) Click “Update software list…”


(1) Notice that the DiLL software has been added to the list of software that will be installed.
(2) Please note, that this software installation will force a restart when it is complete. (save and close all files)
(3) Click “Update now” to begin the installation process.


The Managed Software Update application will warn you that you will now need to log out and update.


The system will log you out and the softwre install will begin. This process should onyl take about a minute. Please do not stop the process, or close your laptop lid.
Your computer will restart when the process is complete.


In the Applications folder, you will now see:
DiLL Catalog Manager
DiLL Client
DiLL Lab Controller
and a “DiLL Teachers Guide” instructional PDF.

To access the DiLL file server (formerly Sanako Server)


In the Finder, select the “Go” menu, and click “Connect to Server…”


In the “Server Address:” filed, enter:
Click “Connect”


Click on the “Faculty” share, then click “OK”.


The Faculty share will mount to your Computer, and you can then access your files.

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