Downloading Core Apps

Step 1 of 5 – DanaConnect Account Enrollment – DHS Password Center 
Step 2 of 5 – Create an Apple ID
Step 3 of 5 – iPad features and settings (backing up & auto-update)
Step 4 of 5 – Downloading Core Apps – You are here
Step 5 of 5 – iPad Configuration

.:* Important *:.

You MUST use Safari. Using chrome will prevent apps from coming through and will require you to start the process over.

The next few steps will require you to watch a video.
You may find it easier to watch the video on another device so you can follow along.
If you do not have another device, it is strongly recommended that you open this article in a new browser tab.

Please have your email from Dana Hall that includes your account sign-in information ready as you will need it for this process.
The email is called “DanaConnect User Account Information”.
You will be using your School-Managed Apple ID, temporary password, and verification code provided.
*This Managed Apple ID is for core apps only and is not to be used for Family Sharing or iCloud.

The enrollment link is located below the video:

Use the Pause and Play buttons!

To begin, please open this link on your iPad only: *enrollment link

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