Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac

This guide will walk you through how to use to locate your iPad, iPhone, Mac or even iPod touch.

In order to have this feature function properly each device that you are trying to locate must be linked up to iCloud with the same Apple ID account.

This setting is enabled on iOS devices under Settings –> General –> iCloud –> Find My iPhone.

Enable Find My iPhone

Open Chrome or your web browser of choice and navigate to



Log In

When you arrive at you will see a “Sign in to iCloud” pop-up.

Enter your AppleID and password.

**For most people this will be a different e-mail address than the email.**

**If you cannot remember it and you also have an iPhone you can find the e-mail listed under Settings–> General –> iCloud **



Open Find My iPhone

Click on the “Find My iPhone” icon.

Even though it is called “Find My iPhone” it will allow you to locate any device that you have connected to your iCloud account.



Select From Device List

Tap on the name of the device you are trying to locate.

Many users may only see one device listed.

Options, Options, Options

(1) If you see a green dot it is showing the active location of your ipad, if it is gray it is showing the last available location.

(2) “Play Sound” allows to make the device play an alert sound, even if the device is set to silent.

(3) “Lost Mode” allows you to lock the device and set a passcode remotely. You can also have the device display a message and phone number on the lock screen.

(4) If you are unable to locate the device or if it is located somewhere that you will not be able to access then you can use “Erase” to delete all content from the device.