How to use Flipgrid

* New * Flipgrid has added more features and you can check them out here:

All-new Features

Flipgrid for teachers must be used in a browser on a Mac or iOS device. Student will be able to use the app to record.

Sign into FlipGrid using Google with your Dana Hall email and password.

Next you will be giving the option to create a new grid:

A new grid is like a classroom. Different topics can be listed inside the grid.

Give your grid a name. Then choose “School Email” as a way to sign in. You can also change the “Flipcode” to anything else but it cannot include spaces. This is used as a code for the girls to log in from their iPad:

Enter for the students and then press next:

Now your Flipgrid is ready! Copy the link and post in Schoology or email. Now go to your grid:

Now you can create topics for you grid. Select “Add new topic”:

You can record a video for your Flipgrid users or upload an existing video. For example, create a video that asks your students to introduce themselves. Then select create Topic.

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