Konica Printer Settings

This guide will show you how to modify some of the printer settings for the Konica printers. It will walk through how to choose 1-sided or 2-sided as well as the process for stapling and adding hole punches. These settings are only temporary for the current print job.

1. Open a document on your Mac

Navigate to the print menu by selecting File –> Print

2. View the print dialogue

After you click print you will see a pop-up window with your print options.

– Make sure that you have selected the correcnt Konica printer that you would like to use.

– To adjust printer settings click on the "Copies & Pages" dropdown.

3. Select "Layout/Finish"

4. Change printing from 1-sided to 2-sided

5. Staple & Punch

To staple a multipage document or add holepunches select "Finish" and check off either box to add that setting for the current print job.