Log Out of Google Drive (iOS)

This guide will go through the steps for removing your Google account from the Google Drive app on the iPad of iPhone. This process works very similarly in other Google apps such as Gmail, Docs and Google Search.

If you are experiencing issues with syncing (documents not showing up) this is a great step to take.

1. Locate the menu icon

2. Tap on the gear next to the account name

3. Tap on the account name

You may have multiple accounts set up on your device. If so, repeat the rest of the steps starting from here for each account.

4. Tap "Manage" in the upper right

5. Tap remove **

**Stop after this step if you just need to remove your account **

6. Tap add account **

**This step is only necessary if you are trying to fix a problem with syncing in Google Drive.**

7. Enter your Gmail username and password

After signing in you should now be able to