Managed Software Center

A quick walk-through of the Managed Software Update software management system.

In the Applications folder (1), open “Managed Software Center” (2).

Managed Software Center is a very “App Store” like interface that allows us to deliver:

• Self-service application installs (do you want the latest Adobe Creative suite? Install it here!).

• Optional Printer installations (every printer installed via this system has the correct driver, paper tray settings, lack of the dreaded “banner sheet”, etc).

• Updates to your Dana-installed Applications (no need to worry about updating Firefox, Flash, Google Chrome or Office manually).

• Apple Software Updates – pre-downloaded Apple updates can be quickly applied to your system at your convenience.

Installing Printers

Installing a printer is as easy as finding the printer name in the list.

Printers are named based on:

Location (building, department, floor, etc) ->

Vendor (HP, Xerox, Konica) ->

Model Number (printed somewhere on the device itself)

Further Description (“Library Color”, etc).

Click “Install” and the driver download and setup will begin immediately.

Installing Optional Software

To install, for example, the DiLL Teacher Software, simply locate the software in the list of available installs, then click “Install” (1) below the Application name.

The software immediately begins to download to your computer.

To check the status of your software installation, click on the “Updates” (2) icon.

Applying updates

The Updates section shows the following:

• Status of requested self-service installations (Applications and Printers)

• Any available updates for other applications, drivers, management tools, or Apple Updates.

Click “Update All” (1) to apply updates.

***Please note: If an update will require you to restart your machine, it will notify you with the “Restart Required” (2) text. Please be sure to save and close any open documents before you proceed. ***

Updates Complete – Auto check interval

When the installations and updates are complete. You will see an empty update queue. You can re-check to see if there are new updates by clicking “CHECK AGAIN”.

Periodically, your computer will automatically check-in to the update server to see if there are any updates available. If the system finds updates for you, the Managed Software Center application will launch, and present a list of the available updates.

You can choose to delay the installation of these updates. If you delay, it will check again in 24 hours. You can always manually run an update check by returning to this screen and clicking “UPDATE ALL” at your convenience.