NordVPN Activation

Setting up your new NordVPN account is incredibly quick and easy. You will be supplied with an activation code by the systems administrator. When you receive that code, go to the website: and follow the steps on the screen.

After you create an account, you will be brought to the screen below prompting you to download the NordVPN application.

After you download the app and open it, you will be prompted to enter you Keychain password and then prompted to add VPN Configurations. Select the option to “Allow” configurations.

Once you get into the application you will be prompted to select a country, select the United States. When you click on the 3 dots on the United States, select the New York region, it is the closest region to Dana Hall.

When you want to disable the VPN, click on the NordVPN logo in the status bar and click “Disconnect” and you will be on your local internet region.

When using a VPN, there have been cases where certain programs do not function normally or not at all. This is an application by application case. When the VPN is on and you experience any issues running programs that normally run well, try disconnecting from the VPN as a first step.

If you have any further questions please reach out to the Help Desk here: