Using Turnitin Within Schoology

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Turnitin for you course in Schoology. This can only be done by a course admin and must be done in a web browser. You can use a web browser on your iPad or Mac/PC. The Schoology iPad app does not have support for Turnitin.

1. Navigate to

Locate and click on the App Center on the left side of the Schoology homepage.

2. Scroll down and find Turnitin

3. Click Install App to make Turnitin active for your course

Turnitin is already configured for Dana Hall as an organization for everyone, but needs to be set up for each class that it will be used in.

4. Select which courses you would like to enable Turnitin for

Most teachers that have multiple courses within Schoology will see more than just one option to select from here.

  1. Select the courses that you would like to be use Turnitin with
  2. If "Course admins only" is checked this will set it so that only the instructors/admins of the course can use Turnitin. By leaving it unchecked it will allow students to view their originality report within Turnitin/Schoology.
  3. Click Install

5. Navigate to the class you setup with Turnitin

6. Locate the Turnitin app within the course

7. Approve Access

You must click approve in order for Turnitin to work. It is asking for this so that Turnitin can go into Schoology and access assignment content.

8. Sync/Re-Sync

  1. After a student submits an assignment to Turnitin the instructor must go into the Turnitin dashboard and click re-sync for each assignment. You may have synced an assignment, but if there is a new student submission you will have to sync again.
  2. Select an assignment to view the list of submissions and quick glance information


**Good rule of thumb: Anytime you see the option to Re-Sync, click it. Occasionally it will not sync properly so you may have to do this a few times.**

9. View Assignments

After selecting the assignment you would like to view you will be presented with a list of all students that have submitted that assignment.  You will also see each revision with a quick glance for similarity.

In the example below you can see that Suzie Test has a 100% Similarity report for both revisions, this would be a good reason to click view report to get more information.

10. View Report

  1. After selecting the View Report option your browser will open a new tab with the full Originality report.
  2. GradeMark will allow you to leave comments and apply tags to certain sections of the paper to provide students with feedback. This may not be as useful if you have only enabled Turnitin for course admins. (see second screen shot)
  3. The match overview provides a list of resources that contained the matched material from the student’s paper. This example lists only one source, but often times you may see multiple sources. Each source can be inspected further to see the original.

11. GradeMark