Create a Discussion in Canvas Course

Here are instructions on how to create a Discussion within your course in Canvas.

In your course, navigate to Discussions.

Add a Discussion

Add Discussion Title (what students will see as the discussion label) and description (instructions/guidelines that students will see once they open the discussion).

Like with Assignments, you can embed uploaded files in the text section or below in the Attachment section.

Scroll down to set the section info. It will default to all sections but you can set the discussion to be posted in any section of your course.

Scroll down to Options for other features.

If the discussion is not graded but you want it to appear in the student To-Do list, select the last option. If it is graded, other options will appear once you select Graded.

Don’t forget to save and publish!

All created Discussions will fall under the Discussion banner but can be moved to Pinned Discussions by clicking and dragging.