In Class External Microphone Setup

Several classrooms have been equipped with external microphones and iMacs to assist in sound quality for Zoom calls.

When the microphone is plugged in, within the Zoom call you will need to select “Yeti Stereo Microphone”.

The Speaker output is dependant on your setup, you can set it to the speakers in the classroom or your personal wireless headphones. All of this can be selected within the Audio settings.

Due to the noise caused by the air-filters, the noise cancellation can be changed to “High” from its preset of “Auto”

During the meeting, go to into the audio settings and select “High” to the right of “Suppress background noise”

When the microphone is plugged in, a solid light will appear which mean the microphone is active and listening. If you click that button, it will start blinking which means the microphone is muted.

On the back of the microphone there are two knobs. The top one controls the “Gain”, which controls how loud the classroom audio will come through. Having that set to about 50% is perfect.

The bottom knob controls how the microphone is looking for audio, the second setting to the left is omnidirectional, that will give the best results as it will pick up audio from the entire room.

If you choose to plug the microphone in your laptop that only has USB C ports, you will need the adapter pictured below. If you already have an adapter or USB-C hub, that will also work.

If you have any further questions please reach out to helpdesk at