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Scan multi-page PDFs to email

Options Select

1) Select Fax/Scan as you normally would for scan to email feature.

2) From the selection options, click “Separate Scan” to turn the feature “On”.

Scan pages

Place your scans on the scanner, and press 1) “Start” as you normally would.

Put your next page on the scanner and hit “Start” to continue.

When you have scanned your last page, tap 2) “Finish”.

Send email

After pressing 1) Finish, press the 2) “Start” button to send the email.

All pages will arrive in your email as one PDF.

Update your Mac to the latest OS release

Please follow these steps to update your system:

1. TimeMachine backup: Locate your drive. Connect it. Run a backup.
(need help? check out this guide: )

2. Pick a time to install. This process will take 20 – 60 minutes. This can be done at the end of the day before you leave (as long as you cover step 4!) or over lunch break. PLEASE do not run this update right before class / a meeting where you will need your workstation.

3. Go to Managed Software Center and run the update “Install OSX High Sierra”
(need help? check out this guide: )

4. Don’t walk away! When your system restarts you will need to log back in to your encrypted workstation to kick off the final install.

5. Get coffee, lunch, read a good book (part of one, anyway) while your system updates. Usually the process will take 20 minutes, but a nice, full hard drive can take up to an hour.

5. Log back in and run any remaining updates in Managed Software Center.

If you run into ANY trouble with these steps, please do not hesitate to email or swing by the technology office, and we would be happy to guide you.

You can also contact us at to arrange a time to have your computer completely re-imaged. This can help you to get a “fresh start” with your computer, and usually results in a smoother-running system. Please send an email to to schedule a time.

Phishing – May 2017

Dana Hall Community,

From Google reports, approximately 1 million Google accounts were affected by yesterday’s phishing attack (~ .1% of their 1 billion users!!!)

Below you’ll find information on what you can do to secure any of your Google accounts including your Dana Hall Google Apps account.

Each user has the ability to run a security health check. This security check is only available to each user/owner of that account. Because of this exclusivity, the Technology Department is unable to run a security check on a user’s account for them.

This check must be done by each user themselves.

To run the Google Security Checkup:
  • Perform a search in Google with the following keywords, “google account security check”
  • Choose the Security Checkup – My Account – Google link as shown above
  • Proceed through the various sections of the checkup. Click Done or Looks Good at the end of each sub-section.
  • The last section is important to review…
  • In this section you’ll see many applications whose access to your Google Apps account was approved by you since your first access to the account.
  • Browse this list, and remove any app you do not want to have access any longer
  • Click Done, and return to the My Account page
Understanding the phishing attack…
The malicious application that was being sent around was called, Google Docs, and had no affiliation with Google whatsoever. Within an hour of the start of the attack, Google was able to deactivate and remove this application automatically from all Google user accounts. This application would have shown up in the last section as an “Approved Application.”
Again, Google removed this application for all it’s users automatically.