Canvas Integration

This year the Upper School will be using pre-populated courses that will integrate from DanaConnect.

Alongside any manually created courses, new courses will populate from DanaConnect with the course name, block, and students automatically enrolled. Course names can be edited!

You have two ways of getting your personal course material into the shell course with students enrolled.

*** If you teach more than one section of a course, you may want to link them together so they function as separate sections within the same course. Instructions on how to do that are below, but you need to do these steps first.

Option One – Copy the entire master course you made last spring into one of your new shell courses (if you have multiple sections, you only need to copy to one section – you can link all sections later)

Step One: Publish the shell course. Sometimes Canvas does not allow you to import to an unpublished course.
Disclaimer: The videos use test courses from our testing site, not live courses.

Step Two: Import Master Course material into the newly published shell course.

Option Two – Choose to copy modules over individually:

Cross-Linking – How to link multiple sections of the same course together.