Creating a Family Sharing Apple ID

Step 1 of 5 – DanaConnect Account Enrollment – DHS Password Center
Step 2 of 5 – Create an Apple IDYou are here
Step 3 of 5 – iPad features and settings (backing up & auto-update)
Step 4 of 5 – Adding your account to iOS devices
Step 5 of 5 – Connecting to wifi if you are on campus

Create a Family Sharing Apple IDs allow a parent with an existing Apple ID to create an Apple ID on behalf of a minor.

This account will be linked to the parent’s Apple ID and has a number of optional features:
-Shared Device Tracking
-Shared Purchases (Apps, Music, Movies, and TV)
-Ask to Buy
-Separate email / iMessage
-Legal for under 13
-Separate iCloud space for backup and data

Parent payment information on file at the time of Apple ID creation (can be removed after)
Password Reset questions should be known to BOTH student and parent.
iForgot email address is parent’s Apple ID email.

Please follow this link and complete the setup of your Family Sharing Apple ID: