Apple Software Management with “Mosyle Manager”

Dana Hall now has a new software management system that has been deployed to all Employee computers called “Mosyle Manager”.

Mosyle Manager (the application is called “Manager”) can provide many of the same functions that “Managed Software Center” used to provide, such as:

  • Installing optional software
  • Installing and configuring printers
  • Other troubleshooting steps as guided by the Helpdesk staff

Most of the updates in this system will be run automatically when a program requires it, and is not currently running. If a program is running, and an update is needed, you will be prompted to run the update at a later time, or immediately after saving your work.

If you need to manually run a deferred update, or would like to install additional optional software or printers. Locate the “Manager” application in your “Applications” folder.

Manager application location in Finder
manually install optional software applications
manually install optional printers