If Your Mac’s Hard Drive Full? – Data Management and You

Here are a few pointers that might give you the “extra gigs”.

iTunes Purchases:

Anything purchased through the iTunes store can be safely deleted and re-downloaded at a future date, for free (*except for ringtones? for some odd reason). Delete your local copy of “Downtown Abbey – Season 1” or “Howard the Duck (HD – Directors Cut)” to free up a large chunk.

Empty the Trash:

Many folks use their Trash folder as a storage location. This is not a superb data storage strategy, and can lead to heartbreaking data loss. Keep the trash for trash, and empty it regularly.

Downloads Folder:

Our browsers are a source of a constant influx of data to our computers, and ground zero for that data is the “Downloads” folder. Take a peek in there, delete everything you can. You’ll be surprised how much space will free up.

Desktop Folder:

Here is the tough part. Decide “do I REALLY need all these files, staring me in the face, every day?” and “Can I file any of this appropriately where I can find it later?” and “Can any of this just go in my trusty Trash folder, and then be satisfyingly emptied, unloading the burden of its presence forever?” Deep questions.


Hoo boy! If the main source of your data bloatage is Photos. It may be a time to consider a better photo workflow. Most likely these photos are not backed up as well as they should be (our backup of this data is only your TimeMachine drive). This data is probably not concerned with your daily duties here at Dana, and if its preventing you from using your Dana-issued system, you should probably give this data the heave-ho.

That being said…

Photos are very personal, and irreplaceable. Often snapshots of people and experiences we will never be able to re-create. A good strategy for working with photos, backing them up, and keeping them secure is important. We would be happy to offer a few tips, if you would like to reach out to us.