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Druva inSync Upgrade

This version requires a few steps to set up. Please follow the instructions in this tutorial to get your backup configured.

Step 1: Managed Software Center Update

In Managed Software Center you will see an updated version of Druva inSync.

[Managed Software Center overview here: ]

Step 2: Activate Backup

1) Click the Druva inSync icon in the menu bar.

2) Select “Activcate Backup…”

Step 3: Log In

Leave the drop-down as “inSync Cloud”

1) Enter your full email address.

2) Click “Continue”

Step 4: Activation

1) Druva will open your web browser. If you are logged in with your Dana Google account, Druva will activate automatically.

If not, It may ask you to log in to Google. This is a legitimate request, please log in with your Dana Google account.

2) After successfully logging in, your browser will ask you to allow it to open inSync. Please do so.

Set up complete!

Your initial backup will now run in the new system.

Your Desktop and Documents folders are now being backed up. You are all set!

Help Desk email replies sorted to “Promotions”

Bah! Very annoying.

All is not lost! Help is still available.

You have TWO options:

1. Disable Inbox “smart” sorting.

Click on the “Gear” at the top-right of your gmail window, select “Configure inbox”. Uncheck all checkmarks and click “OK”. All mail will be listed together.

2. Teach “smart” sorting which messages should go into “Primary”. (follow these steps…)

Move message context

1. Click on the pesky (but useful!) “Promotions” tab.

2. Find the message you were missing from Help Desk.

3. Click and drag the message over to the “Primary” tab.

(one more step!)

Verify change for future messages

When you see this little pop up, click “Yes” to have future messages from Help Desk go automatically to “Primary”.


Both the message you just received (1) AND future replies (2) from Help Desk (or any member of our team replying though Help Desk) will show up properly in the “Primary” inbox.

Removing large files from your Hard Drive

About This Mac

(1) Click on the Apple Menu

(2) Select “About This Mac”

(3) Click the “Storage” tab

Storage Manager

(1) Find the Computer’s drive in the list, and click “Manage”

(2) From the Storage Manager , select “Documents”

(3) You can sort by “Large Files”, “Downloads” of “File Browser”.

If you select File Browser, you can see files on your computer listed by size, and you can drag unwanted files directly to the trash from this window.

Dana Connect to Google Calendar

Dana Connect

Open DanaConnect, and click on the (1)”Calendar” section.

From the Calendar section, click on the (2) “Feeds” icon.

Copy Feed

(1) Under “School Calendars” Click “Individual Filter Feeds” to expand the list.

(2) Right-click or Control-Click the blue calendar feed name you would like to add to your Google Calendar.

(3) From the Context Menu that appears, select “Copy Link Location”.Calendar

Google Calendar

Jump over to Google Calendar

(1) Click the little down arrow next to “Other calendars”

(2) From the menu that appears, select “Add by URL”

Add by URL

In the URL filed, Ctrl-V (Windows) or Command V (Mac) the calendar link you just copied.

Click “Add Calendar”

Rename Calendar

Not quite done yet! Calendar has been added, but it is named with a long URL link. Lets fix that.

(1) Click the little down-arrow next to the newly added calendar.

(2) From the menu, select “Calendar settings”

Rename Calendar

(1) Select the entire contents of the “Calendar Name:” field, and replace with the actual name of the calendar.

(2) Click “Save” and you are done!

To add additional calendars, simply repeat the process, copying the link from DanaConnect and pasting in to “Other Calendars” in Google Calendar.

Configure Clarify to upload to WordPress

Launch Clarify

1) download clarify from:

1) Launch Clarify

2) Register using one of the available codes in FileMaker -> Software

3) Open Preferences


1) Select “Share”

2) Enter KB site login data (use service account “tech_post”)

3) Test your connection

4) Build guides, help people, be awesome.

WordPress Credentials

To find the password for our posting account:

Launch FileMaker, Select HelpDesk

Select “Access” from the top navigation.

Scroll down and find “Knowledge Base WordPress”, click the arrow and find the credentails for “tech_post”.