Recording Meetings in Zoom

Recording meetings in Zoom is a great way to archive your meetings and have a quick way to call back to your session when needed.

Zoom has made it easy when it comes to enabling the recording setting and saving all of your meetings locally to your machine.

When in Zoom, you can click on the tab in your status bar to enable recording or the record button within your Zoom window.

Once you finish your recorded meeting, you will receive a message that your file is being converted to a locally saved file.

Once the conversion finishes, you can find your Zoom meetings saved within your documents folder.

The nice option that Zoom gives you is you can listen just to the audio of the meeting, save it to iTunes or watch the entire meeting.

Once the meeting is saved locally, you have the options to send it through Google drive or Schoology.

When you click “New” in the top left of Google Drive, several upload options will appear, you can choose either “File Upload” or “Folder Upload”, based on how your meetings are saved.

Before you begin a Zoom meeting, it is good practice to test your connection, you can perform your test here.

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