Google Takeout

When you wish to migrate your data away from Dana Hall’s Google services you can utilize a service called “Google Takeout”. Google Takeout delivers your data in a format that you will be able to use either in a personal Google account, or many other services that provide import options for these common formats. This step can be completed on any computer or device (even your iPad).

In a web browser, navigate to

Log in with your Dana Hall Google credentials if necessary.

Step 1: Choose the items you would like to have in your Google Takeout

  1. Select “Next Step” after choosing the items you’d like to save:

Step 2: Choose your delivery method, frequency, and destination:

  1. We strongly recommend that you choose “Send download link via email”

2. Now you select the frequency – please choose “Export Once”

3. You will have the option to choose a file type. .Zip files can be “unpacked” on most PCs and all Macbooks. We recommend choosing .Zip files.

4. We recommend keeping the file size small so you can move your files easily.

5. Create your export!!

Archive status and downloading

Google will begin processing your archive. This process may take hours (or possibly days) to complete.

You can safely navigate away from this page at this point. Google will send you an email when your archive is ready for download.

You can also come back to this page at any time to check on the progress of the archive

When the archive is complete, you will be provided with links to download your data.

Please complete the download process on your personal computer (it is not possible to download this data to your iPad) or a lab machine with a sufficiently large personal storage device attached. The space required to save the archive is listed on this page.

***If using a Dana Lab machine to download your data. Please be sure to log out of the computer when your copy is complete.***