Setting Up Your Google Account on iOS

This guide will walk you through the recommended steps for setting up your Google account on an iPad or iPhone.

Locate the Settings app from your home screen

Open the Mail settings

1) Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars

2) Tap Add Account

Setup the Mail account using Exchange (not Google)**

  • It is important to set up the account using Exchange because that will allow you to search for any e-mail addresses that are part of when you are composing a new message.
  • Google does not support this feature. If the account is setup using Google for Mail instead of Exchange it will work properly, but you will not see suggestions for users that you’ve never e-mailed before.

Enter your email and password

It can be helpful to set the description field to Dana Hall Mail to distinguish between other accounts you may have setup on your device.

Enter the server address and username

The server address must be set to and the username must be your full email address.

Enable only Mail and Contacts

When using the Exchange setup only select Mail and Contacts. If you choose calendar the Calendar app will only display your primary calendar in Google. The next steps will cover how to setup your account to display all calendars using the Google account setup.

Tap Add Account (again)

In the previous steps you added your Google account using Exchange for Mail and Contacts. These next few steps will use the same account information in a slightly different way in order to view all Google Calendars in the Calendar app on the iPad. This is important if you create custom calendars in Google (e.g. Home, Work, etc.).

Select Google

Enter your Dana Hall email address

Tap Next after typing in your email address.

Tap accept

This is necessary for your iPad to talk to Google services.

Disable everything except Calendars

If you don’t disable Mail and Contacts you will see the same account twice in the Mail app and it may look like you’re receiving duplicates of every email!

Confirm that settings are correct

You should see under Dana Hall Mail only ‘Mail, Contacts‘ and under Gmail only ‘Calendars