Setting up Contacts within Zoom

Zoom offers many options to save contacts within the application both internal and external.

The first way to add a contact is to click the “+” and choose “Add a Contact”.

You can enter any email within the Dana Hall domain and send a request to that person to become contacts.

After you add the contact, they will appear in your “External” folder as pending until the request has been accepted.

Another way to sync contacts within Zoom is through your Dana Hall Gmail account.

You will find the option under “Cloud Contacts”. If you have not already connected your Google account, select the option “Connect a Contact Book”.

After you have selected the “Connect..” option you will be prompted with these three choices, select Google and follow the prompts to connect your address book.

After Google has been selected, Zoom will sync with your contacts. If you do not have any saved contacts in Google, you can select the contacts app within GMail. Click “Create Contact” and fill out the required information.

After you have added contacts in Google, you will find them listed under your Cloud Contacts folder.

For further information regarding Zoom contacts, please reference our other Knowledgebase Article:

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