Unwanted Guests in Zoom

Non authorized guests attempting to enter our Zoom meetings has been ongoing situation since we have transitioned to a remote/hybrid learning model. Luckily, with the correct security settings in place and the diligent work from faculty and staff, the number of successful entries into our meetings have been low.

With the waiting room setting enabled, all incoming participants will have to be allowed access to the meeting. With a lot of incoming participants it can become a reflex to keep admitting. If any participant appears as “Guest” or anything other than a Dana user, they should not be allowed in.

When you find a user that should not be in your meeting, you can click “View” which will present the option to remove that user from your meeting. “Report to Zoom” should be checked off so that username can be logged by Zoom.

Select the appropriate reason as to why you are removing them from your meeting, “Uninvited Guest” will apply for the potential participants.

We have several other articles around Zoom Security which you can find links to below:

If you have any further questions please reach out to the Help Desk here: https://support.danahall.org