DanaConnect Account Enrollment – DHS Password Center

This guide will describe the process used to enroll your account in the Dana Hall Password Center. After enrolling, you can change your DanaConnect password at any time, or have the account password reset.

Dana Hall Password Center – Log In

Navigate to https://dhspasswordcenter.danahall.org

Log in to the Dana Hall Password Center using the credentials that were emailed to you by helpdesk@danahall.org

Create Security Questions

Dismiss the “Welcome” dialog.

Write your security questions and answers.

  • Make sure that the questions that the answers will remain the same over time. Example: If you often change what you consider to be your favorite food, don’t choose ‘What is your favorite food?’

Enrollment Complete – Set Password

1) After you have set your security questions and answers, you will be notified that the “enrollment” process is complete.

2) Please click “Change Password” to set your password.


Choose your new password

1) Enter your assigned password

2) Enter your new password

3) Confirm your chosen password in the third field

4) Please be sure to read the password requirements before you select a password


Password compliance

If your password does not meet Dana Hall’s password requirements, you will see the following dialog with details as to why it does not meet the criteria.


Once you have set your password, you will be notified of your successful password change.

You may close this browser window and use the password you have chosen to access Dana’s resources.