DanaConnect Account Enrollment – DHS Password Center

This guide will describe the process used to enroll your account in the Dana Hall Password Center. After enrolling, you can change your DanaConnect password at any time, or have the account password reset.

Navigate to https://dhspasswordcenter.danahall.org and click:

Step 1 – Enroll My Account

Enter your DanaConnect username and initial password

Choose your security questions and set the answers

  • Make sure that the questions that the answers will remain the same over time. Example: If you often change what you consider to be your favorite food, don’t choose ‘What is your favorite food?’

Confirm Enrollment

After choosing your security questions and clicking enroll, you should then be redirected to the ‘Enrollment Result’ page. You should then see a green check mark.

Step 2 – Changing Your Password

After successfully enrolling your account, you now have the ability to change your password.

Click Change My Password.

1) Enter your issued/temporary password in the “current password” field

2) Enter a new password consisting of a minimum of 9 characters, using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

3) Click Change Password

Congratulations! Process Complete! You are done!