Druva inSync Upgrade

This version requires a few steps to set up. Please follow the instructions in this tutorial to get your backup configured.

Step 1: Managed Software Center Update

In Managed Software Center you will see an updated version of Druva inSync.

[Managed Software Center overview here: https://kb.danahall.org/managed-software-center ]

Step 2: Activate Backup

1) Click the Druva inSync icon in the menu bar.

2) Select “Activcate Backup…”

Step 3: Log In

Leave the drop-down as “inSync Cloud”

1) Enter your full @danahall.org email address.

2) Click “Continue”

Step 4: Activation

1) Druva will open your web browser. If you are logged in with your Dana Google account, Druva will activate automatically.

If not, It may ask you to log in to Google. This is a legitimate request, please log in with your Dana Google account.

2) After successfully logging in, your browser will ask you to allow it to open inSync. Please do so.

Set up complete!

Your initial backup will now run in the new system.

Your Desktop and Documents folders are now being backed up. You are all set!