Google Drive – Move Files to Google Drive

Moving local files to Google Drive is the most efficient way to keep all of your files safe, secure and accessible to all of your devices.

For those of you who are switching from PC to Mac as your work computer, this is a great way to transition your documents from one machine to the next.

The first step is when you open Google Drive, you need to create a new folder which will act as a target for your PC documents into Google Drive.

To simplify the process, you should name the folder within Drive something you will recognize as your PC data such as “PC Desktop and Documents”.

Once the folder in Drive has been made, locate the files within your PC, you can move entire libraries from your desktop or your documents folder and click “Upload”.

Once the folder has been uploaded, you will received a message within Google stating the file upload has been completed.

When all of your files have been uploaded, you will be able to access those documents from any machine, PC or Mac seamlessly.