Reporting Phishing and Scam Emails within Gmail

Phishing and scam emails are an unfortunate reality that we all have dealt with at some point, one time or another. Their sole focus is to try and trick their recipient in providing personal information online.

A common tactic used that many of us have experienced are accounts that have been made to look like members of faculty and staff.

Google has great resources within Gmail to help report the accounts that attempt to scam users.

When you receive an email that you have suspicions that it could be not legitimate, always look at the full email address.

When it comes to work related emails, always keep a look out for the email using the domain, “”. That should be a pretty quick give away if it looks close but uses a domain that you don’t recognize.

If you receive an email that falls under the category of a “Scam” or “Phishing”, there are options to report those accounts within the email message itself.

If you have a concern over emails such as this and receive one, always feel free to reach out to the Help Desk and we can guide you through the situation.