Hybrid setup: Using your iPad to Airplay in a Zoom meeting

While in a Zoom meeting, you can use your iPad to display any iPad app and other materials into your class Zoom meeting while using AirPlay (mirror) to your Apple TV. This combination is straightforward and will allow students/participants in person and remotely to see the same content and each other.

It is important that you keep your Apple Laptop plugged into power while you are presenting, or have a sufficient battery charge.

Please make sure all of your devices are on DHS Campus Wireless.

1. First, AirPlay your Apple laptop to your Apple TV:

2. Once you are connected you should see your desktop. Please mirror your desktop instead of using the Apple tv as a second display. Go to System Preferences > Displays.

3. Open your Zoom application on your Apple Laptop. Start a meeting as you normally would.

4. Within the Zoom application, select:

  • Share Screen
  • iPhone/iPad via Airplay
  • Share

Now you can “Airplay” your iPad to your Macbook:

On your iPad, use the Screen Sharing function to Airplay into your Zoom meeting. Pull down from the top right corner and select Screen Mirroring:

You will see your Macbook name in the list of devices to choose from:

Below is what your Macbook will look like:


Open an app and test it out:

Your Apple TV will display your Macbook to the class while you are using your iPad to display materials.