Middle School Student Account Registration -Returning 6th graders

Welcome back!

This article will walk you through the necessary steps to set up your Dana Hall account, Apple ID, and much more.

Returning 6th graders – Please use your Dana Hall password that we created together last school year in Ms. Bonang’s class.

If you forgot your Dana Hall password you can reset it by navigating to the DHS Password Center which is described in Step 1.

If you know your Dana Hall password, start at Step 2.
Step 1 of 5 – Student Account Enrollment – DHS Password Center

Step 2 of 5 – Enable Family Sharing

Step 3 of 5 – iPad features and settings (backing up & auto-update)

Step 4 of 5 – Downloading Core Apps 

Step 5 of 5 – iPad Configuration

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